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authentic_sca's Journal

Authentic SCA
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From the Yahoo Group: This group is for those in the SCA who are devoted to the attainment of historical authenticity (in costume, food, music, persona-play, general ambiance, etc.). How many times has your experience at an event been ruined by a Coke can, or talk of computers? Or perhaps you're the kind of person who cringes whenever someone walks by in un-documentable modern pseudo-Arab garb, or sings a folk song obviously 18th or even19th c. in origin (or even a filk of a Broadway song), or serves up a stew with potatoes and tomatoes. Have you ever been told by someone that period things are boring? Do you secretly not quite believe that "The SCA is not the Society for Compulsive Authenticity?" This group is to prove we're not alone. Please enjoy this list as a forum for helping one another grow in endeavors towards historical accuracy and persona development!