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27th October 2015

tedeisenstein2:52pm: Several Spanish confirmations of nobility, one Spanish grant of arms, one grant from a Holy Roman Empire:

1611 Dutch cookbook, handwritten:

16th and 17th century French household receipts (in both senses of the word):

1563 Alchemy handwritten notebook, I guess you'd call it:

The texts are all obviously out of copyright, but the photographs are ©Edward L. Eisenstein 2015. The URL's may, as you wish, be distributed wherever as the need arises; I would like to know who uses them and what they're being used for.

A few more books may show up sooner or later, depending on how active I'm feeling.

8th March 2013

gluckliche_eme4:46pm: (A Theory) The Dürer Gown: A Melding of the Housebook and Landsknecht
Recently I started a research project that started out of me trying to find a German gown to make for Atlantia's Disney Character Garb Challenge (the goal is to make period accurate garb to reflect or as an interpretation of an animated Disney character.) I choose Snow White.  Well, I had a squirrel moment, and I started researching the gown seen in Albrecht Dürer’s Engraving, “Young Couple Threatened by Death.”   Basically, did this dress really exist?  After all, it is a combination of the Housebook and Landsknecht styles.  I finally put all of my research together and it is has scrubbed a few times.  I seeking honest feedback and input.  After all, it is only a theory.  Theories can change as more information comes forward.  That aside... here is the link to my research:

The Dürer Gown:  A Melding of the Housebook and Landsknecht  Fashion in the Southern Germanic Countries, ca. 1490-1525.  As seen in Albrecht Dürer’s  Engraving, “Young Couple Threatened by Death.”

Yours in Service,                      


19th April 2011

fiadnata11:01pm: Pennsic 40 Artisans Row, Deadline Approaching!
Unto the Artisans of the Known World,

A reminder to sign up to participate on Artisans Row at Pennsic 40.

The deadline to submit your idea for a Day on Artisans Row and have it listed in the Pennsic on-site book is rapidly approaching. We need to hear from you by May 1st to guarantee publication.

NOTE: We are particularly looking for artisans to join groups that have already been proposed in: Woodworking, Embroidery, Cheesemaking, Costuming/Tailoring, Narrow Wares, Fine Arts/Painting Studio, Metalworking, and Lotions & Perfumes.

Please visit the URL below for more information, and to submit your proposal for a session at Pennsic 40.


Thank you for your interest, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Please forward this message to all e-mail lists and other communication media where it might be appropriate. My apologies if you see this on more than one list.

In Service to the Arts & Sciences,

TH Lady Fiadnata ó Gleann Àlainn
Dean of the School of Applied Arts & Sciences (Artisans Row)
Pennsic University 40
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27th June 2010

arrienne11:43am: Lace Making Tent at Pennsic Artisan's Row

Hi Everybody,

Do you make lace, are you interested in learning to make lace?  Come to the lace making tent at Pennsic Artisan's Row! 
Lacemakers are going to display their work.  You can see what lace in period looked like and how it was made.  If you are interested in learning, you can drop in and learn from one of us.  If you make lace and would like to join us, come on by and bring your work to display!

If you are a 16th century costumer, this is a great way to learn more about an aspect of clothing that was extremely important to people during that time.  Even if you are not interested in making lace yourself, you can see what period lace actually looked like and get leads on how to research this area of costume.  This can help you make informed choices when you purchase lace or trim.

Among the people there will be myself (Mistress Arrienne Ashford  (Middle)- cutwork or needle lace and Mistress Nest (East) - bobbin lace.

This will take place Wednesday, August 11 - all day.  Come by and visit



13th June 2010

ismiseniamh5:19pm: Pavilion Canvas
Hello all!

I am embarking on an Epic Project of Doom (EPD) this summer, and I was wondering if anyone could help. You see, I'm handsewing my entire 30' diameter pavilion. Yeah. XP (It isn't just for me hahaha, it's for myself and three other people, so that's why it's so large.)

I was wondering if anyone knew anywhere I could get linen canvas, preferably around 14 oz., by the yard.

Your help would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!


8th April 2010

stitchwhich8:32am: New Community
A new community on LJ has been formed for those interested in the stories and celebrations of early (SCA time period) saints and feast days. Mostly, it's been a 'saints of the day' sort of thing but it is hoped that as it gains members, someone other than the moderator will post and we can talk about how religious obsevance affected our persona. :)

(Crossposted to SCA & Atlantia)

22nd February 2010

silvermoonsnake4:02pm: counted cross stitch charts
I just wanted to ask where I could find counted cross stitch and blackwork charts? I am esp. Looking for counted cross stitch charts. If I remember right, Blackwork is from late middle age, right? how about counted cross stitch? My mainpersona is from 9th century, so naturally I am looking something I could use in her dresses/items etc.

best wishes,
Amal binti Hamid Al-Chania

x-posted a bit, sorry :(
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31st January 2010

when1wasaboy11:30am: Wearing/making a Grande Assiette
My husband and I are in the process of attempting to make him a grande assiette for use in historic fencing, and we're running into some problems.

When wearing the mockup, he's got a full range of motion front to back, but when he tries to raise his arm over his head, he gets pulling at the top of the shoulder. When looking at it, it seems like there may be some pulling across the chest too. He doesn't notice that, though, and says it just feels tight on the ball of the shoulder. There's a reasonably good ability to move, but since he's fighting in it, he wants everything to be comfortable.

I've played with changing the size of the gores, and moving the sleeve placement, but nothing seems to fix it.

Have you worn or made one of these? Is there a way to fix that tightness, or is it just going to happen? Is there some trick to setting the sleeves that I haven't figured out?

I've been looking at the Historic Enterprises photos and it seems like the guy there might have a similar problem, but you can only do so much with photos.

(cross posted to sca_garb, authentic_sca, and costumes

8th January 2010

loopyzany11:37am: Does anyone have links or book reccomendations for researching 16th century Portuguese names?

25th December 2009

tedeisenstein9:31am: Cross-posted variously
If any of you know of any professional, semi-professional, or really really good amateur groups of singers who do Renaissance and/or Medieval vocal music, who'd love to get some original source material (via digitized photographs), please let them know I have digitized period sheet music available. Bibliographic material should be available upon request in a couple of days (I didn't bring along the list in proper format on the trip I'm now on), but it shouldn't be difficult to recreate it, after I've recoverd from this part of the trip).

(Church service music, Gregorian Chant, the Psalms set to music in a late 16th-century English version), Dowland, Morley, and a six-volume set of motets written for the Hapsburg Court....)

1st September 2009

fayethefaery6:56pm: Fabric Shopping
Hello everyone! I'm going to be needing to shop online for some supplies for my latest project, since my local fabric stores don't have the colour I need. I've never bought fabric online before, so I don't know of any websites. Do you know of any stores that have a good selection of colours for linen, or a lindsey-woolsey? I've already been to Renaissance Fabrics, and they don't have the colour I need. Also, if you've used the shop, how was their service?

Thank you so much!
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2nd May 2009

assassinus8:08pm: T face Barbutes

I'm looking at converting a barbute with a T open face section so that its SCA combat legal. Bascially, I want to weld it up to make the opening smaller.
Anyone have any data on historical Barbutes and their measurements, in particular the visor/face opening.... or any resources that may have the info? Generally, they are not that specific.
Thanks in advance

Martin Le Mechant

30th April 2009

fayethefaery11:40pm: Question about Fabrics
I was just wondering whether fabric could be made of any duo of linen, cotton, or wool.. I know that linen and cotton can be combined, and that it's called fustian. But what about linen/wool or cotton/wool? I was mostly curious about linen/wool and, if so, how it would look.. And eventually, where would one go about finding some to buy online? What would the price range for something like this be? How authentic would they be?

Thank you to any help(:

(x-posted a few other places)
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28th April 2009

tashabear3:42am: Anglo-Saxon dye experiments
Jenny Dean, author of (among other books) Wild Colour, hath a blog. Because I am lazy, I have created an RSS feed for it so I can read it on my friend's page.

She's just starting to post about a series of experiments in dyeing using materials and mordants that would have been available to 7th c. Anglo-Saxon dyers. That's a wee bit early for my tastes, but still good info. The colors she's achieving are gorgeous -- rich and saturated and not at all dull.

Go forth and read and drool at your leisure, and buy her new(er) book, Colours from Nature.

crossposted like whoa.
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29th January 2009

gluckliche_eme12:30pm: Looking for guidance on trim
I am in the need of a little guidance.... I am handsewing trim for a neckline right now (1st part of 13th century German.)  I am doing the frugal thing and using bits I already have (hence linen I had about and not new silk that I would have needed to purchase.)  So here are the questions/issues:

1.  I have issues with straight fitting on round.... so I used the collar technique like with Rus and Byzantine, but scaled to the size I need and to be sewn onto my surcotten when done.  Is this a period technique or just me finding the easy way to do it?

2.  The trim has metal findings/beads sewn onto it.  I have not dealt alot with bead or any other type of embroidery at all.  The trim is a piece of medium to heavy linen that is on the outside and the backing is another piece of very heavy linen that hides the stitching (sandwich effect.)  What is the typical format for this?  Would it be three pieces:  the outside, a backing and a third to hide the stitching?

Thank you for any input and guidance.  This bit of trim is trial and error and I am learning alot about handsewing and such as I work on it, so any other guidance would be great... its always good to learn to do it better next time : )
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6th November 2008

capt_elias10:30am: new community

I created a blog for my persona!

I created a LiveJournal Community that is just for Personae to blog...


Capt Elias

26th October 2008

agent_naught8:32pm: Looking for a bit of help
Two questions:

I am in West Chester PA; if I wanted to join SCA how do I go about same?
Assuming I follow through, can anyone give me a list of places or catalogs where things such as garments and goblets etc can be purchased?

Thanks in advance.
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16th October 2008

cayswann4:13pm: New LJ community: SCA_Fiber_Arts
I've started a new LJ community, sca_fiber_arts, with the hopes of creating an SCA specific forum of people into natural dyestuffs, fleece preparation, spinning, knitting, embroidery, braiding, kumihimo, lucet, fingerloop-braids, card-weaving, inkle-weaving, weaving cloth for costuming, fulling, and/or other very hands-on textile arts that go beyond purchasing cloth and sewing a costume for SCA events.

Please come join us, help cross-post the creation of the group, and otherwise get the word out. Also, feel free to come and introduce yourselves, share links to your journals and blogs, tell us about your projects, sources you've found, books you've read, sites you adore, and other tips to help us all become better artisans in our own personal fiber art!

14th July 2008

haddassah12:55am: Persona Help Please....
My husband and I just went and saw the movie "Mongol" and I have to admit, I have been inspired. I would like imput please on a persona I have been tossing around in my head. My mundane family background is that I am a Spanish/Moorish/German Jew. I would like to try to incorporate the Moorish/Jewish into a Mongolian persona.
Is this a possibility? Where would I be smart to start looking. I have even considered doing a Mongolian/Khazarian persona.

Advice please.

6th July 2008

cantrix_caeca10:23am: Slightly Anachronistic Corset Question
I am aware that different time periods had different favored silhouettes and undergarments, but I'm wondering if an Elizabethan corset can still be worn under a regency-era gown (I'm blind and can't compare pictures). All I have (will soon have, rather) is a tabbedreed-boned Elizabethan corset, but I am also interested in in investing in some Jane Austin-era clothing. My dream is to get all out and some day get everything from the skin out for my time periods of interest (12th-13th century, Elizabethan, Regency, Victorian), but that just isn't possible for a college student. So, I've been trying to overlap as much as I can. Hence, my corses question. I thought that this would be a good place to ask. Thanks!
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2nd June 2008

loopyzany12:54pm: searching for a book title
It was written in the 15th century by one of the kings of Portugal, it's a manual on training horses and knightly conduct. I cannot remember the title of the English translation, the translator, or which king it was. Can anyone enlighten me?

6th May 2008

francesca_tessa6:00pm: Camp and Field

You know, it's really difficult to focus getting everything right when everything is so interesting. 

I recently re-did my sewing room and when I sorted my garb, I separated it out into 2 racks of clothes into early and late period. That's when I really noticed just how gappy were the gaps in my outfits (i.e. accessories), and in my encampment. 

As I can't remedy eveyrthing at once, I'm working on improving some of my 14th century costumes, and on my 15th century florentine costumes and encampment. 

The tough part is deciding what to do first. 

So I have a quesiton:

If you were just starting off in the SCA, but you still knew everything you knew now, and having a time in place in mind, what would you make first.?

So what would your top ten list be? Outfit one, drinking vessel, headdress, shoes, seating, tent, etc ???

Or some other order?

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29th December 2007

loopyzany4:54pm: reading reccomendations?
Does anyone know of some good books for researching 16th century Italian metalworking? I'm specificly looking to make a pair of pliers.

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